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Dreaming of You

by The Clarkbar84 4 months ago in love poems
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Lost Love

I cry alone in the stillness of the night,

I can no longer breathe without you

My heart no longer beats,

Just a slow, dull roar

The fire that burned in my soul has extinguished!

Without you in my life, I am nothing

A Faded Image!

I cannot feel love nor see it in the world

My brain cannot come to terms with my misery!

All I crave is sleep! Pure Bliss!

In those moments of twilight

I feel your warmth

I feel your touch

I taste your lips

I can feel your love

I dread waking up to my reality,

A reality without you!

That reality fractures my soul

For you came into my heart and, there you will stay

Forever and always,

I will love you!

love poems

About the author

The Clarkbar84

My mind has stories forming all the time; they tend to get wrapped up in life and never on paper. My works are scattered within real life.

Find me:

Kindle Stories: https://www.amazon.com/author/hunteralex

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