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Down in the Comments

A YouTube-inspired poem

By Rebecca MortonPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Down in the Comments
Photo by Juan Di Nella on Unsplash

Music was so much better back then.

I’m sixteen and I love this music.

Back when they knew how to sing. No autotune!

Before everyone started looking at their phones.

We were real then.

Living in the moment. Wanna go back.

Time machine, anyone?

So innocent. So free.

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Before auto tune, when you had to have musical TALENT!

Can you believe the outfits?

I know! What were we thinking?

I’m here because this was in last night’s episode of Family Mystery.

I’m here because I remember when this was a NEW SONG!!!

So wish I could go back to this time.

They were so hot, even the not-so-pretty ones.

I know, right?

We were all so innocent then.

We were so young and full of real emotion, like the music.

We were so unaware that one day the future would be watching us like this.

Is the future watching us now, on some device we can’t even imagine?

Woah — -mind blown!!!

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This poem was originally published on Medium.com.

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About the Creator

Rebecca Morton

An older Gen X-er, my childhood was surrounded by theatre people. My adulthood has been surrounded by children, first my students, then my own, and now more students! You can also find me on Medium here: https://medium.com/@becklesjm

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  • Daphsam27 days ago

    👏👏👏👏 so true!

  • Joe Patterson2 months ago

    I absolutely love this. It’s so prevalent to our current generation.

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