Do Not Look Back in Sorrow

The Moment #8

Do Not Look Back in Sorrow
Photo by Amanda Jones on Unsplash

Do not look back in sorrow

excuse me could I borrow

a pen to simply write my thots*

of life that you may have forgot...

Oh that one really made me think

I'm coming up, I'm on the brink

of extinction - wait I thought I was

never mind it's all because...

I have anger rooted so deeply

it's coming out so sweetly

in ink from a lovely quill

I found out taking your own damn pill.

It's called words, bitch give it up

whatever act it is - you're not enough

to keep me locked up in my mind

stigma? please let's just unwind.

Let's watch some modern television

or else we may have a collision

of this thing called ideology

my god, it feels good to be me.

*it was meant to be spelled that way.

Zachary Boulanger
Zachary Boulanger
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