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Dewdrop and Snowflake


By Paul CrockerPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

This is not a traditional love affair.

One lover on the ground and one in the air.

But it is those brief moments that they share.

That makes it beyond compare.

When the sun begins to wake.

Then begins the meeting of the dewdrop and the snowflake.

The dewdrop sat all alone.

He sang out softly with a mournful tone.

Saddened that he was on his own.

Until a special thing was shown.

It happened when the dawn did break.

The joining of the dewdrop and the snowflake.

The dewdrop felt a sudden chill.

But it did not make him ill.

Instead, he had a frosty thrill.

As he looked up from his hill.

He drifted down like icing sugar on a cake.

This was the love of the dewdrop and the snowflake.

The snowflake settled on a nearby blade.

Glistening at the looks the dewdrop made.

Spreading himself from where he laid.

But forgot he would soon fade.

It was a choice he was unable to make.

The departing of the dewdrop and the snowflake.

The dying snowflake's efforts had got so close.

The two of them were practically nose to nose.

Then he heard wise words from a lady rose.

Pull yourself together and see how that goes.

The dewdrop moved for love's sake.

And was now combined with his beloved snowflake.

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