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Desire, Devotion, Despair and Death


By Paul CrockerPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

In romantic writing, there are four attributes that adorn the page.

You will be guided through each stage.

Nature can not grow here and spirituality does not have a hope.

Instead, we write of how two hearts elope.

Eyes meet across a crowded room or perhaps a busy street.

Who knows where such fresh desire will meet.

In its wake, it is wild and sickeningly sweet.

And filled with passion as from a fire's heat.

The heart settles as the roots take hold.

The temperature of the touch is no more cold.

And the strength of the devotion is just as bold.

Routines are set with a story that is familiarly told.

Making the reciting of it emotionally sold.

Years pass steadily as time weakens the frame.

Even memories fall apart in this unfair game.

Tears of despair are attempting to put out the flame.

Pain and fear surround all sides ready to maim.

You want to fight but no longer care for your name.

It has come at last, what we knew could not be halted.

The carriage is broken and the horse has bolted.

Here is death to leave you well and truly assaulted.

The peace conveys in such a relieving way that the breath you breathe has all but faulted.

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