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Dentist Dilemma


By Paul CrockerPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

The human body is an amazing thing.

With all of the advancements it can bring.

However there is one mistake to this perfected form.

One that everyone of us will gladly scorn.

Why can't teeth grow back like the rest of us?

They are not exactly the best of us.

We scrub night and day without delay.

And still they have to test us.

Don't eat fruit, it is bad for them even though it has vitamins.

Taking pills does not have the same thrill and they should go in the bin.

If all these foods were bad for you why are they on the shelf?

Calm yourself down, I don't need a crown so give it to someone else.

Why do teeth rot as easy as apples in the sun?

We are made to feel these are crimes we have done.

Yes, we may neglect but what do you expect?

When we are always on the run.

Sensitivity just takes the biscuit, at least that is neither hot or cold.

Just a few drops and we are made to stop and our mouth is no more bold.

Defeated by a cuppa or a chilled can.

Whatever we consume, we're gonna feel the boom and then feel damned.

Why must teeth be such a pain?

Sending the wrong messages to the brain.

Just stay as you are and avoid the tartar.

Then we can eat what we like again.

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