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Millionaire With Empty Pockets


By Paul CrockerPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

People play the lottery and scratchcards every day.

The desperation shows in not so subtle ways.

But everyone is sometimes down on their luck.

I can get my riches without owning a buck.

I am a millionaire with empty pockets.

You'd be a fool to mock it.

Why possess a silver spoon?

When I can own the moon.

Catching it like an apple from the tree of life.

I can enjoy my day without strife.

I am a millionaire with empty pockets.

No need for jewel-encrusted lockets.

Money is just paper and has no real worth.

It is only another part of the earth.

Which is much more important than some trinkets or gems.

Funnily we feel more sad and empty once we possess them.

I am a millionaire with empty pockets.

And every day I have never forgotten it.


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Paul Crocker

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