Mentally ill

Photo by Filip Zrnzević on Unsplash

I feel a tyrant when I veil the fire

And hail the silence just to rail behind it

Like toltec vices it's so laconic when I sulk in vomit under totem pylons

Worthless downpours pale comparisons

In stale it's salient really barren sick and situated below sanctity

All alien I'm ail again my fallacies are fallowed seeking sabbath in a callous beaming gallow dream

An astral seam will sew below the towers and the clocks of yharnam beasts

I took a skull so I could skulk in peace

Scrolls in pieces speak of eaten tongues and lungs releasing toxins

Bleeding dermis fleeting waves deceased beneath it

Waste is seized in demonstration demon straits are deeming greys and violet hues my new maroon

sad poetry
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