Written in a psych ward

on my previous attempt and the letter

Written in a psych ward
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I breathe twilight sighs and fireflies

They sing mutters like the other side

My wonders like the flutter by ideas of "whats a plummet like?"

I can covet lies

Until I deify the thoughts and wants I can't define

Parchment work in time will be inlaid upon my silver flesh when the spectrum spills across my skin

I remain the shrive for my own sin

My sole intent as weather blends

And by then I'm found asunder in anothers funeral disguise I may have plundered

To sink the punctures

When they syncopate my screaming skull

It leaves a blunder

With leaps and thunders

An EKG of color floods my vision

The sunlight fissures

All the limbs dismembered

It seems I've run from myself to bleed and winter

I plead a center off its rails its my contender

I'm mooneyed with the starry spectres

Brandishing my breath

It's a vanishing effect oh so contrejour a violent scene of death

When the violets sing in depth I'm quiet at behest if it means that I can see again

Through irises that bloom in a vibrant stolid gloom

Celebrate the priest and cleanse the soul

Beneath the burning moon

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