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Darling, Darling

by Imabong Faminu 2 months ago in love poems

Love poetry

Darling, Darling
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

I open my eyes As the first few streaks of morning sunlight stream in Highlighting your peaceful features as you sleep I turn towards you to admire your sleeping form Your quiet breathing accentuated by the calm Rise and fall of your chest Your arms around a pillow And your body curled in a slight fetal position

I watch mesmerized as the bright rays Outline your sleeping silhouette Bringing pleasurable reminders of our shared nights My eyes rove over you as you enjoy the last minutes of morning slumber Oblivious to my silent perusal

I could lay here for hours Staring at you in silent awe and wonder Hardly believing that you are mine And that we get to spend our best years together It’s you and me baby now and ever

Darling these morning moments enthrall me I look at you and thank heaven we found us And I get to love, cherish, adore and enjoy you Live and grow old together Vowing to love no other

They say relationships are work I say we can because we have each other And I fully commit to learning every intimate part Of your body, heart, mind, and being Loving all of you and giving all of me Because Darling, you don’t know what you do to me

Your eyes flutter open and I am caught Staring intently down at you Your brows come together as your eyes hold mine Searchingly ascertaining if all is well Then as if finally convinced, you bestow me with a smile Something akin to a second sunrise

I touch my lips to yours As I scoop you up to lay atop me My arm coming around you As I cradle your head closer So, burying my face in your hair I say 'Good morning Darling'

© Imabong Faminu, 2020

love poems

Imabong Faminu

Creative Writer, Poet, and Author of a recipe cookbook. My Poetry collection is available for purchase at this link: https://paystack.com/pay/wordsrwine

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Imabong Faminu
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