by Erin Barron 5 months ago in sad poetry

The blue sky rolls over



The blue sky rolls over

DARKNESS surrounds her

It’s going to be a long night

There’s no end in sight

No longer cares to fight

Accepts the truth

Unwanted as she is

It’s obvious she is hurting

Lost on her path

No lamp for her feet

Her heart overaged

It felt too much

Shoot it up with lidocaine

Anything to numb the pain

Soreness of soreness

Exhausted by her madness

Can’t catch her sadness

Dreams to vanish

Hates to complain

Maybe she’s gone insane

There’s new terrain in the valley

Hard to explain

Loss plays on repeat

Burnt out by grief

Digs her own grave

She’s no longer heartache’s slave

She cries out

The angels can hear her

Yet not one of them tries to save her

Condemning her to hell on earth

She’s now making deals with the devil

Together they’re in step

They’ve danced a thousand times before

Revenged by the past hearts she’s broken

Now awoken and outspoken

Satan enjoys choking her with devotion

Time moves in slow motion

Haunted with his every touch

She’s gone limp under his fingertips

He loves to play the coroner

Her autopsy is pure agony

Almost a corpse

He torments her with no remorse

Gutting her out

Emotions spillover

Hemorrhaging thoughts

The experience is visceral

Fast is merciful

Her pulse is weak

He finds her heart is sick

All four chambers necrotic

Abused and neglected

Spirits decomposing

Thoughts black as the DARKNESS she’s walking in

More anxious than not

She’s lost all words

She’s unheard

Wake her up when it’s over

Lay her into the earth

Cover her with dirt

The ground wants to swallow her whole

Ashes to ashes

Dust to dust

Her prayers sound hushed

Forever sounds nice

Beware if you listen

Calmly she whispers

I don’t want to be here

Make my DARKNESS turn into light

Show me paradise…

sad poetry
Erin Barron
Erin Barron
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