by Erin Barron 5 months ago in slam poetry

A fine line between love and hate



A fine line between love and hate

She creates her own fate

Won’t let him hurt her

Hell breathing creature

Plays by his own rules

Justifying behavior

His immaturity becomes her savior

His demons are toxic

Bad for all-females nature

Snake with wings

She’s played with fire before

Time to even up the score

Wicked games he plays

Toying with her emotions

Played her for a fool

Knowing her past it seems so cruel

Her burn is only surface deep

The male ego makes him look weak

Best not to speak

He's interested in the masses

Engrossed by female attention

Prefers the demoralizing superficial

Breaking chains is her way out

Embraces safe distance

Jealousy won’t get the best of her

He’s not who she thought he was

Lacks emotional capacity

Fell off her pedestal without regard

His love was an illusion

Disappointed by his reflection

Thankful for clarification

Distasteful decisions

Actions come with a cost

Lost motivation to please him

Her passions no longer sacrificed

She wanted his respect

But he can’t keep himself in check

She’s dressed in armor

Head held high

Her crown of jewels intact

Sword in hand

Cuts out his tongue

Shields his empty words

Her integrity is impeccable

Takes the path of least resistance

Finding a balance of head and heart

Abundant love surrounds her

Bruised spirit to heal

Nirvana awaits her

Chariot’s in motion

The future is clearer

Standing her ground

She’s gaining perspective

Enjoying the present

Divinity protects her

She’s pure strength

Eff em’ all so to speak

She’ll write her own happily ever after

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Erin Barron
Erin Barron
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