Twin Flame

by Erin Barron 5 months ago in love poems

by: Erin Barron

Twin Flame

Twin Flame

A girl without an anchor

You subdue every sea

Protective by nature

Steady my heart

Light up the dark

It’s you that I’m wanting

Longing for your morning song

Met by chance

Knew you at first glance

Modern day romance

Love at first sight

Twin Flame we’re the same

Hard to resist

Tasting your kiss

Awakened my soul

Heart worth fighting for

Mirroring emotions

Authentic and true

Pursed with desire

Friendship transpired

Loneliness retired

Admired talents


Unshakable ground

Completely spellbound

No strife too profound

Twin Flame proclaim me

Meant to be

Better together

Bonded and free

You’re the runner

I’m the chaser

You be my lover

I’ll be your muse

Erase every excuse

Refuse to lose you

Love knows no time

Please be mine

Let my poetry be your sign

We deserve a lifetime

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Erin Barron
Erin Barron
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