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I couldn't sleep. I had a strange feeling keeping me awake. I heard some noises, so I went to...

By spooky sessionPublished 3 months ago 2 min read
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When my friend and I were 12 years old, we went on a 5-day school trip to Switzerland with our class. We were introduced to the trip leaders, a group of 5 people - 1 girl and 4 boys. They all seemed nice except for one of the boys, who I'll call Nathan. I had an uneasy feeling about Nathan from the start, though my friend dismissed my concerns, saying I tend to have trust issues.

We were assigned to rooms - I was on the third floor and my friend was on the second. The rooms on the second floor had balconies with sliding glass doors. From a small window in my room, I could see the balcony outside my friend's room. I used to toss candy from my window onto their balcony as a fun surprise.

A few nights into the trip, I couldn't sleep. I had a strange feeling keeping me awake. I heard some noises, so I went to look out my window. To my shock, I saw a figure standing on my friend's balcony, peering into their room through the glass door. I yelled at the figure to leave. It slowly looked up, saw me, and jumped off the balcony to run away.

The next morning, I told my friend what I saw. They said they had seen the same figure, but dismissed it as a sleep paralysis hallucination. We went to the balcony and found footprints in the snow, proving someone had really been there. When we tried to lock the balcony door, we found the lock was broken.

My friend freaked out, saying their sleep paralysis demon was always inside the room staring at them. We didn't tell any teachers, thinking they wouldn't believe us. We went downstairs and pretended all was fine.

When the trip ended, Nathan asked everyone for Snapchat to stay in touch. He was 24 and we were just 12. On the bus ride home, we had to switch buses halfway because ours crashed into a jeep, with two skis spearing the window and nearly killing our driver. Nathan seemed angry and stressed, though reasonably so given the accident.

Months later, my friend asked for help. Nathan was sending threatening messages demanding nude photos and saying he'd come to their house if they didn't comply. I realized the balcony intruder must have been Nathan - the height and build matched. We told my friend's parents, but they didn't know what to do besides having my friend take screenshots for evidence. We told teachers too, but no one blocked Nathan on Snapchat as asked.

Finally, with evidence in hand, we went to the police. After a month of pleading, they arrested Nathan. We later learned he had harassed another friend the same way, even going to her house when she refused his demands.

I hope to never see or hear of you again Nathan.

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  • Jet sensation3 months ago

    Nice story :)

spooky sessionWritten by spooky session

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