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Always cry

By Sunny ZhangPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Mojtaba Ravanbakhsh on Unsplash




All of this I have done when I was broken

Crying is for the weak they say


Crying is strength

Crying is weakness too


Crying is normality

Crying is part of life

Being hurt is part of life

Tears are sometimes worth it

Things are worth fighting for

He is worth it

I cry because I have never had someone like him

I Tear up because of him

I cry because of love

We all cry for different reasons


We all need to remember

Tears are always there

Happy or sad

They will be there

Attached to you

Attached like a picture.


It’s been a few days, now we talk about how tears will always be with us no matter what happens. Why is this the case? Because no one will really care.

Well I hope I brought you some food for thought and you thought about things harder than usual.

See you back here in a day for a series I’d like to call “when I get home”

Thank you,

Sun Sun 🌞

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About the Creator

Sunny Zhang

I write things so that I feel better, I study different languages because I feel free this way

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