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Cry of the 13th Disciple

by Ria Marié about a year ago in slam poetry


Cry of the 13th Disciple

My mind, my mind

I can't focus, I'm blind

My time is running fast

Behind flies my past, my thoughts

Creating knots of confusion and hurt

My thoughts turn into rocks

Weighing heavy on my soul

Where’s my head at

My hearts already a dead man

My mind, my mind

I can’t focus, I'm blind

Bang, the phone rang

“You good?” I sang, I gotta get out this place, My mind all twisted

My dark mental is persistent

I’m low then I’m hyper

I’m too high I can’t decipher

I'm hurt, don’t cry for me, the fighter

A writer, the unknown 13th disciple

Troubled with faith, who doesn’t want to stay, A cry for help, a cry you might tell?

A cry, a spell, a rude awakening

My love, I fell

slam poetry
Ria Marié
Ria Marié
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Ria Marié

I’m a writer from the Chicagoland area. Honestly just trying to figure it all out in the midst of college and work but im getting there. And I know I have a voice so here i am using it.

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