by Paige Graffunder 10 months ago in art

The Subtle Art of Surrender

Photo by Rohan Makhecha on Unsplash

Things are always difficult,

And life always takes its toll.

How can we get anywhere,

If we don't take control?

But surrender is an option,

Even if it's frightening

When the only thing that lights the sky

In thunderstorms is lightning.

Letting go is never easy,

The loosening of grip.

Letting nature take control,

Allowing things to slip.

So where do we start,

When faced with such a mess?

That's the hardest part,

And I, for one, can only guess.

You're only given this one life

And though the bag is mixed,

We reach inside, and come what may,

I've found the path is rarely fixed.

There is no cowardice in this,

Making do is never weak.

Giving up control of fate,

Isn't something for the meek.

We are just vessels full of blood,

Trying so hard not to spill.

So maybe we can find some comfort,

In this surrendering of will.

Paige Graffunder
Paige Graffunder
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Paige Graffunder

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