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Color My Soul

by Alexander Bentley 5 months ago in love poems

'Color is Pride: True Colors' submission

Color My Soul
Photo by Andrey Grinkevich on Unsplash

Color my soul

in all the beauty

of the world

As I try to capture

the vibrance of this life

in the palm of my hands

Watching the sun

dance across the sky—

blue, gold and you

Like the bright colors

of spring will never end

and never give way

Green trees swaying

in the breeze of the day,

the movement of life

And I love it when

you are dancing too,

wearing my maroon tee

So wash over me—

like the afternoon rains,

but leave me your colors

Now, let’s take in the last

shred of today’s twilight,

greeting the black night

And with a gleeful pride,

we sit alone here nestled,

watching stars come to life

Yellow, silver and white,

and shades of blue too,

a glowing moonlight

And let’s stay right here,

through the tranquil hours,

until the morning sky is—fire!

love poems

Alexander Bentley

Poet, writer and husband. Outside of Vocal, I have over 500k followers on social media. I've published 5 books and love discovering new poems and stories to read.

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Alexander Bentley
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