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This Isn't Halloween

Like the title says, this isn't Halloween, it's my life

By Alexander BentleyPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
This Isn't Halloween
Photo by Colton Sturgeon on Unsplash

This isn’t Halloween, it’s not a dream

This is my life, where I want to scream

Filled with nightmares, my soul wants to bleed

Fed up with the evil agenda, seeping into my skin

Oil mixed with blood, pissing out diamond rings

What we see isn’t always what it seems

Sunday confessionals of the lost and lonely

Pinning crosses on my Sunday best

Bent knees, bleeding hearts, full of unrest

A chaotic mess for a mind full of thoughts

Guessing random numbers to cast our lots

This girl here, this boy there, we go to form a couple

We keep them around as long as their bodies are soft and supple

Just don’t pay attention to what they say or how they feel

We rob their time from rusty clocks, just to steal

Afraid of losing the touch of lust and affection

All because our minds are poisoned with the infection

Digging for ivory bills, underneath rotting hills

Peel back our skin to reveal our bones covered in sin

Hit up the casinos to cash them in

Roll them dice, shooting sixes

Love the pain, flipping crucifixes

Here we are, here we stand

Naked and afraid, silent and alone

Are we waiting for the one?

The one that sets our soul on fire like the boiling sun

Blaze like the ashes of yesterday

Repent in our time of decay

Let’s find the lost, in our blind man’s game

Insanity is the secret to not go insane

This isn’t Halloween, it’s the All American Dream

This is our life, lived to the extreme

Filled with daydreams, our demons begin to breed

Drowning in the power of chaos

All for one, all for greed.

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Alexander Bentley

Poet, writer and husband. Outside of Vocal, I have over 500k followers on social media. I've published 5 books and love discovering new poems and stories to read.

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