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Collection of Poems #3

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By Karen Published about a year ago 1 min read
Collection of Poems #3
Photo by Kenrick Mills on Unsplash

Hand to Hold


A dark world, surrounded by black

No place to go

Turn around, it’s the same

A small circle of light

Through it crept

Out of the darkness, surrounded by light

Pushed out and supported

A hand to hold

Everytime darkness

Falls upon the world.

Return of Love


Laughing, smiling, total bliss

Not a care in the world

Enjoying the now, these new experiences

Feelings of love, held and cared

Brief reality of dream

Proof for the future

It can happen again

Pain of the heart

Heal and hurt

Repeat it all again

Just to feel

What was felt before.



No longer a fight, no more a game,

But a need, a desire

Confusion of everything

Analyzing everything said and done

Twisting words, looking for meaning

Lost in a darkened world

Insecure and unfamiliar

Trying this and that, receiving mixed signals

Tired of waiting for one’s mind to decide

Release the reins and enjoy the ride.



Bright clear sky

Pale flesh, flashing through the grass

Short gusts of breath

Sun brightly shining

Eyes closed, face to the sky

Falling to the ground

Soft grass catch the weak

Clouds pass overhead

Heart racing, muscles aching

Time disappears

Freedom achieved, tightly grasped

To be used wisely, used foolishly

Be used by a child.



Deep green rolling hills

Soft white, set in pale blue

Sprinkled with red roofs

Sharp steeples strike out of each town.

Yellow buildings with flowered courtyards,

Contrast artistically with surrounding greenery

Hills ise and a new land is entered

From a distance, no difference just beauty

Focused in, worlds apart

Awe inspiring, a world here for hundreds of years

Plenty of space, room and beauty

Untouched, still clean.



Sitting on top of the world

Beautiful people strolling

Ancient buildings still strong and proud

Different culture, new life, discovered world

Cities with streets of water

Structure with priceless art

Traces of a city and life long past gone

Outside everything is different and overwhelming

Somehow, feelings of connection and comfort

I’ve held the keys, opened the door

And walked through

Night over Greece


Darkness swallows the world.

Bright, vivid colors fade to blask

City lights shimmer across the sea

Sliver of the moon,

Under the twinkle of stars

Over the glow of man

The beauty of one town

Equal at night as day.


About the Creator


Writing the words in my head and in my heart.

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