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Collection of Poems #2

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By Karen Published about a year ago 2 min read
Collection of Poems #2
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Now and Forever 2–1–01

Unspoken words for unspoken love.

Needing not lips, only eyes

Separate worlds and kept apart

Held by the soul and believed through the heart

As if two parts of a whole,

Thoughts and ideas perfectly mold

Spanning a distance, still are the same

Realization of the love they hold,

Time slows to a sluggish pace.

Space, time, and society try as they might,

Can not break the bond shared between.

Standing tall with faith and love,

They will break the rules and conquer fears.

Together they shall be

Now and Forever.

Patience 2–2–01

Drifting clouds, high above

Everything far away and out of reach.

Unable to touch, unable to help.

Only allowed to sit and watch.

Crying and laughing in unison

As if together they were fighting through.

Is it possible with the infinite lengths?

Nothing physical, nothing to grasp

Only words, words and pictures.

Simple as that, a spark could form.

Spark to flame with perfect words at perfect times.

The space still lies and time is against them.

Playing with their minds and souls.

But the flame lives on

It stays as a reminder that love is eternal

And like the flame, it will not die

But wait, till the time is right, and the space will disappear

Heaven will fall and there will be no more watching

Just living.

Mack 2–2–01

Careless and free, always playing

In the back with the dog.

Mack, big black attack dog

Always there for me, safe and warm.

Protection at night, right beside my bed.

Well cared for and always loved.

My room was a safe haven and I was always there

Never would I yell, even when a mess was left.

By his side when sick, with him to the end.

Now he can eternally watch over me and protect me

​For all of my days.

He Loves Me 2–7–01

Crazy ideas fill my head

flying around, knocking at my brain.

Constant questions, turning me insane.

Who is it? What does it mean?

Making a big deal out of nothing.

He loves me, I'm his world, I know.

Why does it bother me, ripping at my heart?

I close my eyes and try to breathe,

whispering to myself, "he loves me, he loves me, he loves me."

My heart slows, temper cools.

The idea is gone, peace is left for now.

Until the next time, jealousy will rein

Surrounding my heart, attempting to cut it off.

Just close my eyes and softly whisper,

"He loves me…he loves me…he loves me.."

Just Breathe 2–7–01

Just breathe,

Everything will be ok.

Take my hand,

Squeeze if you need to.

I'm here, I'm always here.

Do what you want with me.

Hug me, kiss me, hold me, hurt me.

Tell me your problems, yell at me and insult me.

I've been with you there, yes, walking down the aisle.

I'll be with you then, yes, in upcoming days.

I am here, do what you will

​For I am your friend.

Secret Lives 2–8–01

Secret Lives

words and faces, names unknown

Hidden truths

different dangers, beliefs and values

Accepted and not.

Praised and scorned with unseeing eyes.

Background is black

​What do you know?


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Writing the words in my head and in my heart.

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