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Poem Collection #1

Four Poems

By Karen Published 2 years ago 1 min read
Poem Collection #1
Photo by Jean-Philippe Delberghe on Unsplash

Siren Song of a Bee

Floating on air, fluttering on flowers

Softly touching, stroking with velvet wings

Drifting, flower to flower

Never staying hardly touching

Flowers reaching, stretching

Yearning for her touch, needing her sweet attention

A silent game is played

Game without rules or boundaries

The game of survival, game of life.



enod I evah tahw

hcus eviecer ot

esruc a live

traeh ym ta pir

niarb ym seye ym

hcus ti si

erom ro

I tondesselb

tnereffid dlot

eb ti dluoc

thgil yb detfig

snoitcelfer thgirb yb dednilb

eno tub yeht era


what have I done

to receive such

evil a curse

rip at my heart

my eyes my brain

Is it such

or more

blessed not I

told different

could it be

gifted by light

blinded by bright reflections

are they but one

Release me

Remove your grip from my soul

Let me fly away, let me soar

My mind is free, my heart is free

Emotions, feelings - break away

You’ve harassed me long enough

Torture me no more

Betray my mind raped my heart

Not here, not now

No more


The strong need, aching desire

Another goal formed in mind.

Connections are made

Within sight, but so far away.

Can more happen, will this succeed?

Two points of view, ways to look

It was wishful thinking

That got it here this far.


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Writing the words in my head and in my heart.

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