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"Celestial Odyssey"

A Cosmic Alphabetical Journey Through Dreams

By Hendrik SancheZPublished 5 months ago 1 min read

Amidst the azure sky, a

Butterfly flutters by,

Casting dreams in bones, beneath the Celestial tie.

Dancing with Daffodils, in a meadow so Divine,

Enchanting Echoes whisper, where the fairies align.

Fragments of a Forgotten melody gently play,

Glistening Gems of night, as the stars lead the way.

Harmonious Hummingbirds weave tales in the air,

Illuminating the night with their incandescent flare.

Journeying through the Jungle, where secrets unfold,

Kaleidoscopic wonders, in a story yet untold.

Lingering in the Lullaby of the Lunar light,

Mesmerized by the Mysteries that shroud the night.

Nestled 'neath the Nebula, a Phoenix takes flight,

Overlapping Odes to the Cosmos, painted in starlight.

Perfumed Petrichor lingers, as the Quasar gleams,

Quintessential verses waltz, through the realm of dreams.

Radiant Rainbows whisper tales of the Rainbow fish,

Sailing through the Skyline, a heavenly dish.

Tales of Time unravel, as the Universe hums,

Underneath the Umbra, where the Nightingale drums.

Voyaging through the Velvet night, a

Wildflower dream,

Xanadu unfolds, in a celestial stream.

Yearning for Yesterday, as the Zodiac aligns,

Zeppelins of imagination drift, in the poet's signs

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About the Creator

Hendrik SancheZ

Mi viaje literario comenzó con pequeños relatos que evolucionaron hacia narrativas más complejas, y rápidamente me di cuenta del poder que tiene la escritura para conectar con las emociones y experiencias compartidas

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