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We are The Cup and the Wine

“Reflections of Passion: A Toast to Love”

By Hendrik SancheZPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

We are the glass and the wine, two souls in one destiny,

Offering a toast to love, under the divine sky.

I look at your eyes and see, the reflection of my desire,

Forgetting the whole world, I get lost in your gaze.

We are the cup and the wine, in an endless dance,

Full of laughter and affection, from dawn to the end.

Even though the wine runs out and the cup breaks,

We will continue dancing, until the moon amazes us.

Oh, we are the cup and the wine, united in one path,

Promising eternal love, with each divine sip.

Although time passes and the stars fade,

And our dance ends, our love will never perish.

In every drop of wine, I see your divine love,

Filling my glass with life, with every drink I take.

We will live forever, in every toast and every verse,

Unforgettable and intense, like wine in our universe.

No matter what happens, or what the future holds for us,

Oh, we are the cup and the wine, a love that no one can compare

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About the Creator

Hendrik SancheZ

Mi viaje literario comenzó con pequeños relatos que evolucionaron hacia narrativas más complejas, y rápidamente me di cuenta del poder que tiene la escritura para conectar con las emociones y experiencias compartidas

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Comments (1)

  • Manisha Dhalani2 months ago

    A very romantic piece.

Hendrik SancheZWritten by Hendrik SancheZ

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