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Face of Depression.

The sorrow is different for different people.

By Risha AlmeidaPublished about a month ago 1 min read

Depression was not always staying in all day.

Depression was not always drenching my pillow with tears at night.

Depression was not always isolating me.

Depression was not always cancelling plans.

It looked like I had painted my face rainbow but felt like black blood was being pumped into my heart inside.

It felt like a hollow vessel inside out.

It was showing no signs to the outside world.

It was wanting to make myself unalive but I feared the physical pain.

It was sharing smiles but not remembering when my soul was happy the last time.

It was saving the saddest songs on my playlists.

It was feeling like I don’t deserve anything and anyone, anymore.

It was when I stopped living and started existing.

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About the Creator

Risha Almeida

Just a normal college-going girl who loves writing poems and stories. I appreciate each and every one who takes the time to read my writings. THANK YOU!!

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Risha AlmeidaWritten by Risha Almeida

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