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“Celestial Nocturne “

“ Whispers of Nights Ethereal Tapestry “

By Mel LegrePublished 4 months ago 1 min read
“Celestial Nocturne “
Photo by Jack Taylor on Unsplash

In the heart of night, where shadows play,

A tale unfolds, in the moon's soft array.

A canvas of stars, a celestial sea,

Whispers of dreams, as the night turns key.

Beneath the canopy, shadows entwine,

A symphony of silence, a dance divine.

Mysteries unravel in the velvet gloom,

As the moon presides, casting silver plume.

Through the ebon tapestry, stories unfold,

A whispered narrative, ancient and bold.

Midnight's secrets in the stillness reside,

Echoes of time in the moonlight abide.

On a meandering path through the dreamscape,

Twinkling stars like fireflies agape.

Each one a story, a luminescent verse,

In the cosmic library, where dreams immerse.

As the night deepens, the world takes flight,

In the tapestry of time, woven tight.

Constellations weave tales untold,

In the celestial ballet, myths unfold.

The nocturnal symphony, an ethereal rhyme,

Echoes through the corridors of space and time.

Through the quietude, a serenade so sweet,

The cosmos and dreams, in harmony meet.

The owl's hoot, a lullaby on the breeze,

Whispers of ancient, rustling trees.

A nocturne painted in shades of indigo,

Where secrets linger, and fantasies grow.

Stars above, witnesses to the night's embrace,

A celestial waltz, full of mystery and grace.

As the dawn approaches, with a golden kiss,

The nocturnal sonnet concludes its bliss.

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Mel Legre

God fearing, and gospel worker. Telling the story about anything.

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  • 7Steel3 months ago

    The mysterious chemistry of the unpredictable yet intentional connection leads to the revealing and uncovering of emotional bliss. Its Beautiful

  • Mona Yonus4 months ago

    All the imagery is beautiful!

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