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A living trap of inhumans Acts


By DarkosPublished about a month ago 3 min read
digital by me

Can You really be real amongst the ones that unreality does not even give space to the real of You

Can You really be Yourself and real amongst the ones that only see themselves one way through

Can You really be real to the invisible cover that they hang on You with every words that are to shrink you to the smallest cage of negative intake from all of them and other hyenas out there almost as if everywhere is fullfilled with a negative Ego waves

Can You really be real amongst the ones that attention take all the room together with the dust that brings your breath panic attack just feeling their voice or energy from a coming mail or a room next door

Can You really be real in the world full of people who destroy another health and ask for even more attention and love for themselves

Can You really create Your life your way being already damaged and in chronic pain just as they dont change

left only with yourself

can you be real ?

for someone who doesn't even care

for someone who only wish you bad

for someone who uses you and manipulate entirely causing you the worst kind of ugly state

can you really have health amongst people who don't carry human cell in themselves

Can You really be real amongst people who only see themselves ?

Can You really be real amongst people who always see someone else as the best

Can You really be real amongst the ones who torture you every day in groups and never leave a single drop of love

Can You be real and good in health around people who live to damage your life daily and take away all the happiness

Can You be real? with them

Can You be real in the world around people who don't help just as human They are just not enough brave to even connect

Can You be real around the ones who judge giving advices not knowing with who you deal on your own for years without a single help in real beside God and the practice stars heaven nature and animals and some good souls that virtually are bringing help health and empathic strength to still be able to live amongst all of them

Can You be real when they are leading You to death with Your health every single day torturing your whole especially if there is a place for joy

Can You be real amongst the ones who never give you rest but they are not able to produce one single gesture from themselves

Can You be real and still love if whole your body is in pain traumatized through their shocking behaviours everyday

Can You be real ? and love and take care of yourself if going out from a room is the signal for them to attack you with an abusive raging rain multiply times a day from everywhere

how much pain of them of theirs and help can you provide if nobody does help you to get out

but they still judge or talk about opening heart and loving the ones who terrorize on purpose and laughing when you cry or can't even cry as emotions are forbidden in the unreal realm of some

You get old as You can't do nothing about it all just pray practice and fight their everyday warzone with practice and love

how long and how much more it does can take ?

if there is no way for you to run away while you are constantly in their manipulative claws and physical real pain healing them healing them

because there was never and there will be never a help for people who really need a real human help to save them from the ongoing hell

this world is not a place for sensitive souls it's a place for the ones who are the worst living kinds others can dream about life they can only survive the worst from the worst living traps

social commentary

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Human : painter, digital art maker, sound composer, poet, writer, qigong healer & trainer

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DarkosWritten by Darkos

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