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Title: "Verses of Strife: A Poetic Reflection on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict"

Subtitle: "Gaza's Echoes, Ancient Promises, and the Quest for Peace"

By Mel LegrePublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Title: "Verses of Strife: A Poetic Reflection on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict"
Photo by Jeff Kingma on Unsplash

In lands where ancient verses softly speak,

A tale unfolds, where history is not meek.

Israel and Palestine, a clash profound,

In the echoes of Gaza, a haunting sound.

Prophecies whispered through the ages past,

A script debated, interpretations vast.

Amidst the olive groves and desert sands,

A conflict entrenched, like shifting sands.

Jerusalem's stones, witness to the strife,

Bearing the weight of each troubled life.

In verses old, promises were sown,

Yet in the present, seeds of discord are grown.

Gaza, a canvas painted in hues of despair,

A poignant saga suspended in the air.

Tears in the soil, stories untold,

In the heart of conflict, tales unfold.

Each soul caught in this relentless storm,

Dreams shattered, a fragile norm.

Yet hope persists, like a flickering flame,

Yearning for peace, a collective aim.

In the tapestry of war, threads of pain,

Interwoven lives, a relentless chain.

May understanding blossom like a dove,

As verses of peace transcend from above.

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Mel Legre

God fearing, and gospel worker. Telling the story about anything.

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  • 7Steel3 months ago

    A true caring and intellectual perspective concerning the horrible misfortunes between Israel and the Palestinians.

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