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Care for myself

by maribeth baker about a year ago in inspirational
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life of wealth

Care for myself
Photo by Emma Simpson on Unsplash

If I want a life of true wealth I need to take care of my health. For years I hurt my body with my inebriating ways, which caused me to run astray. I had no care for myself especially my health. I lived as if I was invincible and life was just so simple. I had no desire to handle any responsibility, and lived my life very foolishly. Now in the present I am having to deal with the repercussions of my past, which feels as sharp as shards of glass. I have to continue to fight unhealthy desires, that seem to be unquenchable fires. Sometimes it feels like I'm drowning and struggling to keep my head above water, but I know the one above won't let me falter. As long as I stay connected to my strength above he will always provide me with enough.


About the author

maribeth baker

I am an inspirational recovery poet. I have 2 kids and an a former widow of 6 years and am now currently engaged to an amazing man that just so happens to have the same name as my late husband.

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