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Calling for Pilots and All Things Queer

Sky’s the Limit

By Chelas MontanyePublished 11 months ago Updated 11 months ago 5 min read
Sky’s the Limit

Green and golden shimmering scales

Passing near the flying ship’s sails

A dragon caused the loudest of wails

From the crew of the Wistful Gales


Larger than any of the wives

Of the King of Moragorrives

It struck terror into the lives

Of the men from the Isle of Ives


With a wingspan of thirty fat sheep

The gusts caused the ship to turn steep

The pilots prayed and the crew did weep

Until the tail passed by, in one fell sweep


The dragon disappeared ahead

Luckily, not one person was dead

The Wistful Gales paused with dread

Should they let the beast take their stead?


If you’re not loudly singing this story

Then you have no interest in glory

And you’re not ready for the sporty

And bawdy tales I tell! Oh Lordy!


Aero race, aero race, the crowd did cheer

Calling for pilots and all things queer

The competition came once a year

Inviting all fools and those without fear


Aeronauts tensely waited to race

Some would say they started to pace

High above, they lined up in place

Waiting for a sign of heavenly grace


An archangel flittered in his gear

Drew his bowstring and pulled it near

An arrow flew to start the premier

Accidentally striking a flying deer


The reindeer screamed, the signal to fly

The race is on! Someone did cry

The event took place up in the sky

Crowds on the ground gathered to spy


A Golden Pegasus took the lead

Second in place was drunk with mead

Flying a plane built of mud and reed

Pedaling fast to beat that steed


His craft was failing piece by piece

Soon his speed showed a swift decrease

He was passed over by a flock of geese

Moments before his flight would cease


Butterflies, bats and a hot air balloon

Joined in with the fun, just after noon

Skies were filling with every buffoon

Including a raccoon riding a loon


The idea of a dragon at their rear

Wasn’t something they thought to fear

They were too busy passing the beer

Daydreaming of a new frontier


Amidst the ships were a foggy shroud

Where a pretty mermaid swam proud

Inside a dark and stormy cloud

Unbeknownst, the dragon had plowed


And that is how a mermaid did fall

Into the arms of Captain McCall

The amused man was deep in thrall

He caught a mermaid without a trawl


The skies above did quickly blacken

Looking upward he saw a dragon

Dropped the mermaid on her wagon

And shouted loudly “Get dah gun!”


The dragon was nearly out of sight

Before the Captain could cause a fight

On the radio they called to excite

“Watch out friends, there’s a dragon in flight!”


The dragon flew past many things

Many of which had makeshift wings

Trapeze artists with magic strings

Lots of insects with painful stings


Her appearance seemed rather abrupt

No one liked the unexpected disrupt

They certainly didn’t like being whooped

By leathery wings and the force they gust


Further ahead was an army of Fae

Flying close together on this day

In the center, flew the Queen May

She warned her offspring not to stray


Very shortly, the dragon drew near

Fluttering wings was all they could hear

They didn’t have time to steer clear

Some broke away, poked it with a spear


An accident happened, giving a scare

The dragon inhaled the queen’s heir

Sucked her down with a gulp of air

And shot her out of her big derrière


The little girl was covered in foul poot

Smelling like pumpkins and rotten fruit

Happy the dragon thought to toot

Or she’d be stuck in that dragon’s shoot


The dragon was nearly in the lead

Catching up quickly to the steed

The golden Pegasus was fast indeed

But dragons breathe fire when they need


On the dragon’s tail flew McCall’s crew

Flying their ship The Morning’s Dew

They slowed and hovered under the two

With high hopes for some barbecue


The Pegasus was determined to stay

He was going to win the race today

No one was going to scare him away

The horse ran faster “neigh, neigh, neigh”


The dragon bit the pegasus’ leg

The Pegasus then started to beg

But the dragon shrieked, “That’s my egg!”

“Out of my way, or you’ll need a peg!”


The winged horse gave up the chase

All the aeronauts slowed their pace

They hung their heads in solemn disgrace

When they understood the dragon’s haste


The winning prize was a chunk of gold

In the shape of an egg, they were told

The truth was, they all had been trolled

Whoever it was, twas very bold


To steal the egg of a great beast

Was very brave at the very least

Even if you weren’t already deceased

Chances of death surely increased


The dragon swooped down and took the prize

No one contested, for they were wise

She flew away as they cried their goodbyes

To the golden egg, their grand surprise


It was the greatest aero race ever

Some thought it was a wasted endeavor

Others thought the winner was clever

Taking the secret to his grave forever


Rumor tells of a famous fruit fly

Who only had a day to live and die

He dreamt of winning the race in the sky

With only one day, he decided to try


Flying as fast as a bug could dare

The little guy raced to the grand affair

He rode on the back of a winged bear

Until he discovered a flying hare


The fly hopped over to Santa Clause

Yup, he was racing too, just because

The bug loved Nick’s jingling balls

But a bird grabbed him up in her claws


She carried him fast to the finish line

And there she dropped him like a dime

He relished his prize throughout his time

There he lived till the end of this rhyme

fact or fiction

About the Creator

Chelas Montanye

I’m an advocate for education and equal health care. I love satire. I love to express myself through art and writing. Social issues fascinate and astound me. Co-founder of Art of Recycle.

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