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by Sonny Estrada 11 months ago in surreal poetry
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Made for tomorrow

Photo by Hoodh Ahmed on Unsplash

There is a place I know where every good soul goes

And every time I clear my mind

The mirage starts to glow

And I swim across this ocean,

To a place called Calalini

It's an island made of magic

And it was made for me

There's sand on the beach and fruit in the trees

And when I swim out there

To Calalini

I hear a soft voice and it says to me

Where do you go? When you leave this place?

It's somewhere sad, I can see it on your face.

My names is tomorrow and i will never come,

Unless you find the island that I come from

I was born from the stars and made from the sky

My name is tomorrow and the future is a lie

When everything is said and done,

You'll find the place where I come from.

It's made of magic and tossed into the sea

Just like every memory and dream

But I won't forget you boy, just wait and you'll see

Just wait and you'll see.

The world will end and the days won't be

Cash and coins will melt with alchemy

The earths pretty cycle will turn years on it's head

And the animals and plants will roll over dead

My name is tomorrow and I'll never come

Try to find me and you discover where i come from

It's a magical place somewhere in the sea

Where hearts and feelings fade into eternity

I was made from the stars and born from the sky

My name is tomorrow and the futures a lie.  

surreal poetry

About the author

Sonny Estrada

There is always truth behind the fiction. Aspiring to adhere to the nuances of objective introspection.

You can send me an email to let me know about my works! [email protected]

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