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Broken Pieces

swallowed whole

By Heather HublerPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 1 min read
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Sometimes I have

everything to say

but nothing at all

comes out.

The letters get stuck

in my teeth,

cut my gums.

I chew them up

swallow them whole.

Bitter pieces, sharp

and catching

as they burn

and churn

all the way




Pushing on my abdomen,

cutting off my screams,

begging to be released.

But there they sit.




My mouth pulls wide

daring them to

spill out.

Only bubbles

of acid

and bile

rise to the top.

Because I know

I cannot say them,

those words that

will make it better,

the words

that will set me free.

The truth is not easy;

it's ugly and beautiful,


But I'm not ready yet

to say–

'I'm leaving.'


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Heather Hubler

Coffee/reading/writing/family/science–my favorite things in life.

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  • Daniel Jeyaraman10 days ago

    Truth be told, I am overwhelmed by the mistakes of my past. This poem perfectly describes my feelings right now. Great one, Heather. ❤

  • Stephanie J. Bradberryabout a month ago

    This is a style of poetry I hope to achieve one day soon. Perhaps I'll try for the current challenge.

  • Jollyoddbodabout a month ago

    Incredible, I'm feeling so connected to this poem. I admire the way that you captured the urgency and the hesitation that we often fall into. You have a gift Heather, thank you for sharing it.

  • Wow ... this really hits home. First thank you for commenting again on my post. This was a missing piece in this poem I just wrote and I linked this poem of yours to this post -- https://vocal.media/poets/in-my-heart-i-feel-contentment-swell?via=christina-anderson

  • Fiona Lenzabout a month ago

    This is beautiful

  • SC Wells2 months ago

    Absolutely stunning. The imagery you create is so vivid to the point my throat started to hurt (or is that because I’m getting a cold?)

  • I did not know where that was going I started off thinking it was about writers block-good poem

  • Kim2 months ago


  • Novel Allen2 months ago

    Well done. Congrats on top story. U inspire me!

  • Thayrile2 months ago

    Nice work 👍

  • Jason Basaraba2 months ago

    Once again you bring such beauty through words. An amazing gift

  • Sanna2 months ago

    This resonated so much with me, well-done! This is so beautiful and relatable.

  • Joe Patterson2 months ago

    Beautifully written.

  • Nathanial Jacob 2 months ago


  • love this one …

  • Meagan Dion2 months ago

    Beautiful! Congrats on the Top Story!

  • Rick Henry2 months ago

    Congratulations on the Top Story Heather. Good Job!!!

  • L. Lewis2 months ago


  • Morgana Miller2 months ago

    Oh yes, this one hits home.

  • WOA2 months ago

    These are my two favorite lines "The letters get stuck in my teeth, cut my gums." "Only bubbles of acid and bile rise to the top."

  • ❤️🫶🏾😉Relatable!

  • This was a very intense poem and so relatable!

  • Moe Radosevich2 months ago

    nice piece of work

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