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Blue is Love

Part I of series Colored Emotions by:Libby-Marie

By Maddie AlmquistPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Blue is Love
Photo by steffi harms on Unsplash

Blue is the Ocean that you didn't mean to drown in,

a tide that held you and pulled you finally into that raging current,

there was no escape

you dug into the sand, clawed your way to shore,

you were afraid of the deepness of it,

feared the drop into that dark unknown

the waiting emptiness that swallows you,

unwilling and unsuspecting.

But oh god;

when your breath leaves your lungs and mingles with the salt water,

dissipates and is not yours anymore,

suddenly you are free,

suddenly you rise above the crashing swirling waves,

that first gasp of air filling your lungs violently anew,

and suddenly you are in love.

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