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Your Woods

By: Maddie Almquist

By Maddie AlmquistPublished 4 years ago 1 min read

As I look into you I am taken

to the woods, hazy and deep and forever,

fresh pine and the dampness of the morning settled onto the leaves.

There is something so familiar and so at home about you and your woods,

I see red hair and soft skin, pale while you look into the moon

and I don't even know you.

I can smeel the herbs in your tea and feel the steam on my face while I'm

curled againt your shoulder and smiling,

it's warm.

I've never knwon you, or your woods, or this cabin that we share,

but I want to.

As I inhale a deep breath of the clean and powerful mountain air,

it fills my lungs

and cleanses me, I exhale the smoke and debirs from air that is tainted.

I feel as though this is a past life,

my soul cries out for this peace that we have,

so far into the darkness of the trees,


yet I am found somehow,

I am where my shadow once stood in companionship with you,

and your woods.

How do I know so intimately every aspect of you,

how do I feel the pages of my book as I read by the fire

and hold your hand in mine,

how do I know you and your woods,

quiet and alone and with you,

where my sou knows to be,

and my body aches to return.

surreal poetry

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