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Beautiful bathing pond

Bathing the pond's beautiful scenery

By Ma Luo sePublished 2 years ago 2 min read
Beautiful bathing pond
Photo by shraga kopstein on Unsplash

Spring Bamboo

The gongs and drums are ringing with joy.

Listen to me and tell me about Xinjiang

The bathing pond is so beautiful.

Ten miles of rivers and mountains are so bright) The

Zhengzhou was originally from Guangzhou.

Mu Au is called the field of fallen geese.

The land of Guangzhou is called Nanchang.

It belonged to the King of the Night Lang even earlier.

Mu Y's 10 miles of rivers and landscapes are beautiful.

The two banks of the river are famous.

Listen carefully to my Xian yang.

To tie up Guangzhou Angling Beach, crabs are cooped up by the river.

The horses drink the water under the Yangtze River, and the horses come to life.

The cliff is high, the forest is cold and the water is turbulent, the mountain is like a flag that spreads in the wind.

The show turns her head to look at the treasure circle, and the two dragons grab the treasure and gaze at it.

Riding the dragon concave over the river bend, Dongyue Mountain Range is a good spectacle.

The mountain and the water blend together, and the ten-mile mound dam is on the river bank.

The fish under the fallen cliff pond is shallow, and the beautiful man by the big river dam.

The handsome man sits on the west side of the river, and the beautiful woman sits on the east side of the river.

Brush cloth ping mountain like love dog, golden dog nest to see home.

Pouring into the harbor water flowing backward, beautiful river water is now missing.

The stone eyes on the coffin cliff appear, this place was once the BO people's day.

Legend has it that Huge blackmailed the BO tribe, and the hanging coffin can send a long term.

Look at the east clouds foggy, open two banks of ten miles sheep.

The phoenix swoops in the east, and the elephant trunk strangles the water in the cattle pen.

Taiping Temple under Jiang Manor, Golden Tortoise under the gurgling seawater.

The horse field is facing the mouth of the Li family, the Li family has been there for four hundred years.

There are ink and ink stone plates in the Piping, no wonder the students are more diligent.

In the old days, there was a county magistrate to repair the official, and now there are men with far-nearsightedness.

A river of smoke and water shines clear, and people on both sides of the river are connected to the painted eaves.

Countless peaks reflect the green water, the landscape nurtures my home.

Ancient Sentinel Pass, Shijiazhuang, Cankerous.

Down to the mountains and waters.

Guanine Ban, Xiaoping, Zhejiang.

There are boundless mountains and rivers for people.

Heilongjiang, Sister Mountain, Mud Boat.

The endless love for each other is forever.

The mountains and the water are one after another.

I swim in the pond in my dreams.

The water of my hometown, the mountain of my hometown

My hometown is always in my heart.

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About the Creator

Ma Luo se

Love is not only a sentiment but also an art。

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