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A poem about looking too young

By R.O.A.R.Published 3 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Séan Gorman on Unsplash

I hate the term “baby face.”

Mostly because I have one.

I hate that I am treated as lesser simply because

I am perceived as younger.

“Oh, sweetie, you’ll love it when you’re older.”

Don’t call me sweetie.

“Are you ready for Santa, honey?”

I am twenty-four years old.

Don’t call me honey!

Don’t tell me to lighten up, either!

Don’t tell me to allow other people

To steam roll my words simply because ‘I’m so precious.’

I am not precious! I am an adult!

A drinking, smoking, cursing, spitting, voting, sex-life-having,

tax-paying, car-driving, Dr.’s-appointment-making,

sit-at-home-do-nothing adult!

Look at me adulting all over the place!

I have been in a strip club and followed by bouncers.

As if I would pull out the wrong ID at any moment.

I have been quizzed on my driver’s license.


The address is wrong. The weight is wrong.

But, I have blue eyes, brown hair, and a little red heart

That says I’m an organ donor.

Call me cute when I’m mad one more time

And those won’t be my organs getting donated!

I suppose, maybe, perhaps

When I am fifty and sixty

And everyone else is a wrinkly sagging mess,

I’ll appreciate the youthful glow in my face.

The absolute resistance to time seems to hold.

People would be asking if I’m the parent

Even though I’m the grandparent.

That would be fun.

But I’m not fifty.

I’m not sixty.

I’m twenty-eight.

Stop looking at my license,

Pour me another shot,

Don’t call me sweetie,

And stop talking about my baby face.

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High school English teacher who enjoys writing as a hobby. I do hope to get published one day, but for now I'm just having fun and hoping to learn some new tricks.

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    R.O.A.R.Written by R.O.A.R.

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