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by R.O.A.R. 22 days ago in social commentary

A poem about imagination and growing up

Photo by Héctor J. Rivas on Unsplash

All throughout my life, I dreamed of

Becoming someone incredible.

Capable of many things that

Defied explanation and

Enriched the souls of others who dreamed.

For those who flew beyond the clouds atop

Griffons and dragons, or had afternoon tea with

Humble trolls.

I spent many hours dreaming of

Jumping thatched and stone rooftops

Keeping distance between those who pursued.

Long nights were spent with my gaze to the

Moon, waiting for him to blink.

Never really enjoying the company of reality.

Other planes of existence held more interesting


Questions that could be answered by magic or

Reciting a funny poem to a gnome.

Stories of knights and witty companions

Take us to places of wonder, and only

Until the final page is turned does reality resume. How

Very frustrating it is to be stuck in such a dull place.

With such strict laws and little hope for heroes. Such

Xeric conditions this world is in.

Youthfulness and imagination taken for granted. A

Zombification called maturity.

social commentary


Education student who enjoys writing as a hobby. I do hope to get published one day, but for now I'm just having fun and hoping to learn some new tricks.

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