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As Fast

By Cory BuchananPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

where the stars flicker

I heard there was debris sent from thousands

of lightyears away flying a split second

into their light

watching open-mindedly strolling

in heavy grass I smell this zephyr

dancing wildly and sporadically

here on the teeming prairies

meteors are a signature of the night

in fragrant blooming aster

listening to the faint crickets

falling to the lumpy ground

lying down to reckon the next flash

but shut my eyes to dream it anyway

there is something about summertime

that keeps the cosmos indigo

all throughout the tilt of earth

revolving a bright shade into my eyes

look at me rambling on so captivated

enamored really by how chiffon

could flutter away and day would shine

my brother and father call me

into the car to drive back to the city

and the cool air is breathtaking

fog from my lungs blows through

this cold front rolling clouds over us

but in that minute of just being myself

mentored by the sky's depth

I saw each of my thoughts billow

and vanish as fast as an asteroid


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