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Sea I Decry

By Cory BuchananPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

(saturated) in this barren

past, no air sinks by me to

breathe; slamming into

sunken fantasies

(blinking unrushed) to this

world, my mourning

personality veers to abandon

(I have seen) my catalysts,

peering reckless,

whirling just into (the

opaque muse) rolling

psyche-hue; oh how the

quick surrender spins

(I do reflect) the darkest

glow of a lagoon's lethargy

(watch the brim) trickle

deep; in shaded blood

slipping down me

(grey moonlight) discards

all tint, falling soundless (I

touch) the needle-fine edge,

recalling my innocence

(with slow smolder)

towering figures blow the

sky with malign pitch

muttering lies deserted,

squinting through

the umbra; I stare still by

the damning fear

glistened to teardrops of no

tragedy, glare booms

effortlessly; this fire fluxes


(our Creator) waits no longer

than a pin-drop spark aloft

eyes; gently (like a sedating

dose) I release from this

blackened tide

within bloodshot vision;

rescusitating colours (of

self-love) from ruminating

scarlet suicide

brighter than any welcome

(or the sun's lit pull) by

memory of love before birth

(hovering low) in the night,

this balled shine (absorbs

my gaze) seeing the

rays lap so silent

— (indigo wings) stay above

me, resurrecting my mind,

shimmering in the killed

sea I decry


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