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Anyone Else

by Megan Clancy 2 months ago in love poems

A poem

Anyone Else
Photo by Filipe Almeida on Unsplash

Anyone else would close their eyes

Turn away

Find something to pull their attention

In a world where attention in so quickly pulled

Anyone else would have seen me

But not seen me

A blur in the background of their blurred life

But you see me

In your eyes, I see me

Not the me I am trying to be

But the me I am

The me who screams at the world to stop and see

There is acceptance there

Longing and warmth there

Promises of what could be

What will be, there

Because in your eyes I see certainty

A knowing that this is it

This is the one thing I need

More than my own blurred life

Because you are not anyone else

You are

I am

We are here, now, always

love poems

About the author

Megan Clancy

Author & Book Coach, wife, mother, adventure-seeker.

BA in English from Colorado College & MFA from the University of Melbourne

Writing here is Fiction & Non-Fiction


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