All My Demons

They visit at night...

All My Demons

All my demons rise with the moon

Leading me down the road to my doom

Blinding me so I can't see a thing

Tying me down and clipping my wings

I stumble blindly into the night

Daylight seems to banish them from sight

They just lie sleeping, hidden from view

'Til darkness comes to wake them anew

Their cold hands tighten 'round my throat

They want to choke out my very soul

They've got me gagged so I can't speak

Buried alive so I can't breathe

They even haunt once-pleasant dreams

They tear me apart 'til I'm split at the seams

sad poetry
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Amber Lynn Hunter

A person attempting to sort her life out by typing relentlessly on a computer. Mostly poetry, though I may type something else one day.

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