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to find our way

By morgan leigh callisonPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Johanneke Kroesbergen-Kamps on Unsplash

to be aligned

in a time

when we can be

pulled in so many directions.

to be aligned

in a time

when someone will always

tell us what we do

or say

or think

or feel

is wrong.

to be aligned

in a time

when service to other

is pushed

over commitment

to our own self growth.

to be aligned in a time

when love is treated

like a commodity

to be bought and sold,

when our bodies

are viewed as machines

to be pushed to the max

until the point of collapse.

to be aligned in these times

is to have strength

beyond compare,

to have the courage

to choose our own path

is more rebellious

than we might

be able to fully comprehend.

to be aligned in these times

is to choose

kindness and care

towards self

above all else.

this is not to say

we give up caring

about our neighbours

or our family

or a stranger

in need of support,

it simply means

we fill our own cup

so to speak

so we may let it spill over

and touch those around us

with the golden nectar

of kindness and love.

we can still choose

to go above and beyond

as long as we are making sure

we are still aligned

with our hearts

and our bodies

and our spirits

and what it is we came here

to this earth

to learn

and give

and receive.

to be aligned

is to breathe

our essence

into every space

we occupy.

to be aligned

is to be reminded

what it means

to be the change

we wish to see.

to be aligned,

is to be.

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About the Creator

morgan leigh callison

off grid creatrix & moon witch.

i live to create compilations of words & pieces of visionary art. an avid driftwood collector & moon gazer, i am always either looking up, down or towards a bright horizon.


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