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i hope the world is good to you.

a poem for you.

By morgan leigh callisonPublished 2 months ago 2 min read
i hope the world is good to you.
Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash


good morning,

good afternoon,

good evening,

whatever moment it is for you

i can assure you it is the present

and i hope there is goodness

alive in your spirit

and in your veins

and in all the cells

and sparkles

of star dust

and moon magic

and the soil on your feet

or underneath your nails,

in the water that touches your lips

and in all the sips of breath

you take as you continue

to be alive

on this earth

and in this body

and the universe at large.

i hope you get to give and receive

the love and hugs

you deserve

because we’re wired to connect

and touch

and look into each other’s eyes.

i hope that you can see the beauty

that exists in your mind

and in all the ways

mother nature gifts

our senses in delight and wonder.

i hope you are warm

and that you feel the care

of another soul

either near or far

who you can trust

will always be in your corner

to help you grow and expand

with delicate and gentle words

and gestures and safe spaces

to express and release.

i hope you find the healing you need

and can also bask

in the perfection of who you are

right now.

no expectations of who to become,

only curiosity

about what you believe

and why those thoughts exist.

i hope you can easily discern

who you are

in the quietness of your own mind

and that you know

your own voice

and can tell the difference

between someone else’s screams

and your own,

the difference between

someone else’s dreams

and your own.

i hope you either are

or can become

deeply intimate with your own heart,

and that you know

deep within your soul

you are living,







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About the Creator

morgan leigh callison

off grid creatrix & moon witch.

i live to create compilations of words & pieces of visionary art. an avid driftwood collector & moon gazer, i am always either looking up, down or towards a bright horizon.


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