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A visitor unknown.

A bond has grown.

By Dawn EarnshawPublished 2 months ago 2 min read
Celestial a visitor.

An unexpected surprise came in the wake of a visit from an alien, blue eyes and bold. All the skies unknown, he arrives,

An alien being with enchanting eyes.With shimmering skin and a curious gaze,

  • This extraterrestrial enters Earth's maze. I offered breakfast bars of graze, but the Alien whose name is cilestian cannot eat the maze. Their food is so different from earth, he doesn’t need food from earth, the battery fluid is a tasty haze.

A mystery wrapped in a cosmic embrace, his presence resonates with boundless grace. In every step, a sense of wonder shines, exploring this new world, what treasures to find?

With open minds, we greet him if rather not see him as foreign but a honorary guest, to learn his tales, embark on a quest. Their language a puzzle, yet hearts resonate, seeking connection, bridging any debate.

From galaxies afar, he has journeyed through space, to seek knowledge and share tales of their place. Each encounter, a chance to understand, the beauty of a universe so grand.

They marvel at our landscapes, lush and green, At oceans vast, a stunning sight unseen. Through alien eyes, our world is reborn, In every detail, a masterpiece is worn.

His advanced technology astounds us all, yet his essence, compassion, eternally enthral. He offers wisdom, a glimpse of the unknown, while reminding us of the seeds we've sown.

With worlds colliding, we're reminded anew, that unity and empathy will see us through.For in this cosmic dance, we're not alone, we're bound together, in this universe we own.

So let us embrace this being from afar, extend a helping hand, no matter how bizarre. For in their presence, we find common ground

Under the stars, a friendship can be found. Oh, gentle alien, welcome to our home, may love and understanding forever be sown. together let's explore the depths of the unknown, as one humanity, together we've grown.

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Dawn Earnshaw

Loves writing short stories and poems - learning punctuation and Grammar.ADHD

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran2 months ago

    Gosh, this was so mesmerising, magical and beautiful! I loved it so much!

  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Great work! Good job!

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