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Grannies little Loft.

Memories in a tin.

By Dawn EarnshawPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

Grannies Loft.

Grannies little loft, held such a trove of; well many different alleys and hollows of the old houses she lived in to the , many she loved in.

Out came all the memories of era’s gone bye, some with a waving hand of yes be gone; to some with sorrow and cries.

Out came Buzz Aldrin in his Galactic galore, waving his cyborg , wearing his battleship medals in starboard combat, in his polished silver boots with his trademark green overalls, not forgetting the glass bowl on his head. Breathing you see, it has to be said.

Grannies little loft, all windy and whistling, with the sound coming from the joists that were not being used for the last time in years for the first two months after moving in, well , rats, mice, and birds had nested in.

Now Grannies little loft, no longer would be used to house all the memories that were swelling up from the top, making its way to the bottom, oh is that the time ? Well Miss Jessica thank you for the gossip however Grannies loft needs to be emptied, help me do the last of the shoes that need lacing, we can sit and mull over our finds with a little cleaning abrasive.

Out comes the light sabre of Obi -wan kinobi, Grannies too old now to duel with Dark Vader, she just puts everything in the Express Trader.

It all looks like something out of Star Trek and the invasion of the Sands, only to find the time has lost its hands, in this little place time was not needed, just books, pictures, letters, cards, toys, even a camcorder of some footage never aired or made it.

The 70 stack high of Videos that kept the family all warm and happy, in joy love and some drew us to tears, o’h what joy reading all the diaries from over the years.

All these memories will now be passed on, hopefully to someone who appreciates the love that has surrounded each one.

So when you think of throwing away your memories; please remember, it’s good to look back; to when you’re in your rocking chair, counting all the celebrity’s mentions, of who stared in which and who went where! Not to mention that you may of met a celebrity here and there!.


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Dawn Earnshaw

Loves writing short stories and poems - learning punctuation and Grammar.ADHD

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  • Alex H Mittelman 3 months ago

    Good! Good job!

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