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Whisper of Smooth

By BennyBT-4-CertaintyPublished 7 months ago 4 min read

A TRIBUTARY TO VELVETY GRACE - In the Whisper of Smooth

A murmur of smooth tenderness abides in the peaceful places where twilight dwells.

A subtle touch, a symphony of silk.

It's interwoven in the softness of moments.

Silky, like to a swan's glide across a lake.

A serene wake and a graceful ballet.

A graceful embrace of gentle caresses and smooth ripples can be seen in the water's mirror.

The moon, a glossy sphere in the soft sky.

As night falls, silver threads are cast.

Its radiance, a brilliant river of light, paints the night sky with quiet murmurs.

Smooth stories develop in the world of slumber, in the heart's passageways where memories reside.

A silken stream, a cascade of fantasies, and narratives that flow smoothly in the evening glow.

Like the pages of a well-loved book, each word has a gentle touch, and every chapter has a niche.

The plot, which features smooth storytelling and an international voyage, is where emotions blossom.

Verse fashioned like grains of sand, the pen a maestro in the poet's fingers.

Smooth stanzas in the echo of the heart, in the poetry of existence, a rhythmic flow.

Like gentle like the wind rustling the foliage.

A tranquil dance woven with the natural world.

Smooth murmurs on the peaceful sand, where trees converse in the stillness of the woodland.

The smooth caresses of a lover, a passion within, and the sensation of satin on skin.

Smooth embraces—a very precious elixir—in the discreet meeting place where hearts entwine.

As silky as a jazz refrain's melody, every note is a kiss within the realm of the song.

Smooth serenades on the midnight bay to the seductive sounds where emotions dance.

The artist's night, the brush on canvas, a dance so light, smooth strokes.

Smooth hues that time cannot stop blending together in this masterpiece.

As smooth as a child's playtime laughter.

A tune that lifts even the gloomiest of days.

A monument to the desire of life, smooth moments occur in the innocence when joy first appears.

Mirrored stake, smooth as the surface of a peaceful lake, reflecting the world.

Smooth pictures in the water's tide live in its glassy expanse of reflections.

Time's hands, a steady, unrelenting stream.

passing through times like a dream without sound.

Storylines that flow smoothly in the ebb and tide of history's river.

As gentle as a tired person's sigh.

A salve for wounds, restoring wholeness to damaged souls.

Smooth solitudes, a healing ground, is a peaceful haven where comfort can be found.

The flickering smooth dance of flames in the candlelight, a display of shadows.

In the soft illuminations and warmth that come from a solitary flame, a gentle rest.

Sensual as a June breeze whispering,.

A gentle touch that easily offers peace.

Smooth petals, a delicate garment in the sweet air of blooming flowers.

As graceful as the sweeping lines of a mountainside.

A splendor adorned with heavenly elegance.

Smooth tops, where sky and earth converge, are a symbol of rebirth among the tall peaks.

The smooth decadence in the shadow of desire, the taste of chocolate on a lover's lips.

Smooth indulgence, a melody unnoticed in the honey that clings to the mouth.

As silky as the sands of a beach getaway.

A location where the sea and the land meet.

A story left unwritten in the rhythmic dance where waves unfurl and horizons smooth.

As fluid as a feather's journey through the air.

An unparalleled, unfettered journey.

Smooth aspirations, an endless combination, in the weightless elegance where dreams ascend.

The gentle curve of a smile, a gesture that conveys such joy and delight.

In the language of happiness, seamless moments, an unbreakable link.

Calm as the slumber that smothers the night.

A voyage into the ether, a surrender to dreams.

In the dreamlike state of sleep where thoughts rest, serene images, a place that shines subtly.

As silky as the highways that meander across the hills.

A journey through tranquil scenery.

In the embrace of the journey where horizons open up, smooth paths, and a story just waiting to be told.

Like silky like rain falling on the earth.

Raindrops dancing to a calming melody.

In the lullaby of the shower, where nature weeps, smooth tears, an earthly cleaning.

As silky as a dove's flying feathers.

A picture of harmony in the early morning light.

Smooth horizons, a pledge to obey, and wings that stretch endlessly high in the sky.

In the big ballet's smooth orchestrations, rhythms play in the symphony of existence.

Smooth existence, a tapestry in time, in the interaction of so divine elements.

A vital energy that unites all members of the human race, smooth as a breath whispering through space.

In the cosmos, a cosmic design, where spirits merge harmoniously.

Silky, the spirit that lingers over the years.

A persistent presence that erases anxieties.

Smooth transitions, a journey we take, on the continuum where moments pass.

In the delicate touch of calming moments, storylines that are smooth and a monument to reality.

In the great distance, smooth destinies, a glittering fantasy, and life are a stream.

As fluid as shutting one's eyes at repose.

A submission to the gentle touch of the night.

A journey into the stillness, where dreams soar, is where smooth sleeps.

Smooth symphony in the grand design, in the tapestry of life when threads align.

The texture of life's never-ending groove is smooth in the quiet places where echoes demonstrate this. -The End-

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  • Rayg7 months ago

    Highly captivating, good one

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