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An Elegant Salute

By BennyBT-4-CertaintyPublished 3 months ago 3 min read


Champagne fantasies ignite a celestial fire in the dream world where stars collide.

As bubbles rise in a beautiful dance.

A crystal wine goblet filled with a dazzling symphony.

Champagne dreams show off their grace in the golden glow of the evening's embrace.

A source of happiness in every bubbly mouthful.

A celestial journey, a dream libation.

Dream-carrying instrument, the crystal flute.

The moon shone softly in its curvature.

Dreams of Champagne lift off like liquid stars pouring into the night.

Champagne dreams chase away all the doom in the paradise of bubbles, where fancies blossom.

Every drink, like a meteor streaking the sky.

A journey through space, a lullaby.

Sounds of a cork being released on velvet.

A calm melody, an elegant prelude.

Champagne dreams lift off with all of their effervescence and delightful cascade.

Golden rivers run in crystal streams, and champagne dreams in the brightness of the moon.

A star-studded drink, a celestial kiss.

A blissful moment suspended in time.

In the Milky Way, bubbles rise in a graceful ballet reminiscent of champagne dreams.

Consuming constellations, a cosmic blueprint.

A salute to a champagne dream from space.

Dreams waltz in the dance of wishes, where Champagne dreams spin in crystal vaults.

Every drink is a step in a dreamlike dance.

A romantic confection, a symphony of bubbles.

The flute is a maestro's magic wand that travels the country conducting visions of champagne.

A glistening rhyme, an old-fashioned sonnet, and champagne visions captured in time.

The universe is raised by Champagne fantasies in the nighttime reverie when stars communicate.

A rare potion, an elixir from heaven.

A taste of unmatched fantasies.

A gentle kiss on the lips, Champagne dreams of blissful whispers.

A hint of eternity with every smooth drink.

A shot of dreams, a journey through space.

Dreams of champagne in waterfalls of crystal.

A moonlit ballet performed at night.

Oh how they soar, bubbles rising like wishes to the sky, Champagne dreams.

Champagne dreams are a tale to be told; they unfold in a champagne explosion.

A bygone story in every golden sheen.

A champagne fantasy on a celestial voyage.

The night serves as a canvas, and dreams are the paint; Champagne dreams are a charming work of art.

An elegant sip, a celestial motif.

An exploration of galaxies within a champagne dream.

Dreams take flight in the flute's mirror, Champagne dreams under the gentle moonlight.

An ethereal guide, Champagne dreams, and a cosmic drink to the world at large.

Champagne dreams remain, a memory brilliant, as night gives way to dawn light.

A timeless wine, an exquisite sip, Champagne fantasies, and a celestial reverie.

A celestial gem, Champagne dreams, in the nighttime tapestry where dreams unfold.

The sky's stars, shining witnesses, take us along on a moon beam as our champagne dreams.

A new constellation emerges with each drink, bringing thoughts of Champagne and the nectar of mirth.

A cosmic frenzy, a carnival in space.

The key is in the effervescence.

Poetry poets' lips, champagne dreams.

Dreams flowing, verses in bubbles, a celebration in every glass raised.

We're fazed by stars and lingering dreams.

Dreams of Champagne take a soft flight as they dance with bubbles and murmur throughout the night.

Every sparkling moment is a treasure to be preserved.

An effervescent voyage over galaxy.

Champagne dreams are an elixir that virtually acts as a bridge to the otherworldly realm where wishes shine, as the crystal flutes clink in a toast.

Starry rift in the symphony of bubbles.

Dreams of champagne, a truly unique vintage.

A desire libation hovering in mid-air.

Champagne fantasies kindle ethereal fires in the quiet hours when night's magic reigns.

The moon, a heavenly eyewitness to every decadent drink, dreams of a tour around the stars.

A journey beyond galaxies, amid streams of crystal, dreams of Champagne, the dream elixir.

As the stars set in the morning silence, Champagne fantasies continue to linger, like a spell.

A timeless stream, Champagne dreams, a lasting theme, and a remembrance in bubbles.

Champagne dreams endure, an unending promise, as the light rises and darkness bows.

A champagne breeze whispers softly in the background.

Cheers to dreams that never fade.

After the event, in the silence, as the stars twinkle gently, Champagne dreams of an unending stream.

Champagne fantasies, a celestial trip, a symphony of bubbles in the dawn light.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    This was so smooth and beautiful! Loved your poem!

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