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A Poem of Relationship

Relationship Poem

By Bikash PurkaitPublished about a month ago 1 min read
A Poem of Relationship
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An embroidery of strings laced,

A relationship, an intricate tie.

Two spirits that meet, a murmured promise,

An excursion shared, some way or another, some way or another.

Through giggling's light and weepy downpour,

We construct a bond, through sun and torment.

A fort solid, where trust dwells,

Where love, in wellbeing, stows away.

We hit the dance floor with happiness, we battle with may,

Two parts, we endeavor to make things right.

Regard, an extension across the tide,

Where contrasts can tenderly trust.

Split the difference, a murmured track,

As hearts give way where when they said,

"This way is mine, this ground I guarantee."

Love's delicate fire, regard its name.

Through various challenges, we figure out how to develop,

A nursery wild, where both can plant.

For in our bond, a reality we find,

Two spirits weaved, a more grounded mind.

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Bikash Purkait

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    Bikash PurkaitWritten by Bikash Purkait

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