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A Mother's Ode to Strength

Boundless Love

By Nickiesha's WayPublished 6 days ago 1 min read

In the early morn, a world of two, yet one,

A married single mother, a journey just begun.

With tiny hands that hold both hope and love,

A 1-year-old blessing sent from above.

Through sleepless nights and dawning days,

I navigate this path, in countless ways.

A dance of roles, a delicate embrace,

A testament to strength, in every single pace.

In every coo, in every fleeting smile,

I find a reason to go the extra mile.

With laughter bubbling, like a stream's soft flow,

You light my world, my heart a steady glow.

The toys are scattered, the house a lively mess,

But in this chaos, I find happiness.

For in your eyes, I see a world so bright,

A beacon of joy, a guiding light.

You tug at my hand, an eager heart to explore,

With tiny steps, you journey more and more.

In your innocence, I find my strength anew,

A love so pure, a bond forever true.

Through sleepless nights and dawning days,

I'll cherish every moment, in countless ways.

For in your presence, I find my greatest wealth,

A 1-year-old's love, a treasure trove of self.

A married single mother, they may say,

But in your arms, I find my way.

With each day's passing, we learn and grow,

A family forged in love, in highs and lows.

So, let the world perceive what it may,

For in your arms, I'll always stay.

Together we'll face whatever may come,

A married single mother, and a love that's second to none.

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About the Creator

Nickiesha's Way

An Jamaican young woman, devoted mother and cherished wife. I enjoy writing, sharing tips and news.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 5 days ago

    Terrific poem!

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