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A Love Letter to California

7 years and counting...

By KamPublished 6 months ago 1 min read

The silence in the morning, if you wake up before the morning rush. The aroma of coffee at Coffee Connection on the corner. The euphoric feeling of dancing at an outdoor concert. The smell of the beach on the first day of summer in Santa Monica. The line of palm trees driving down the street in Beverly Hills. The idea of immensity while walking around the tallest buildings downtown. Blasting your music in the midst of traffic. Smelling old books at the Last Bookstore. Donuts at three am from Yum Yum. Walking on the beach at night in a sweater and shorts. How a salad can actually change your life on Abbot Kinney. Late-night burgers and pizza. Disneyland during Christmas time. Eating pasta at Eataly in the Century City Mall. Buying wine on Rose Avenue from France. The parents cheers from the community baseball field on a Saturday afternoon. Sitting underneath a heater at dinner when the Santa Ana winds come for Fall. Christmas Tree Lane in the Valley once November first hits. Authentic Tacos from a truck that are better than any restaurant. A drive with an iced coffee through the Hollywood Hills. The backroads of Mulholland at night. The search lights during a concert at Hollywood Bowl. Getting a tattoo on Sunset Boulevard at 11 pm. Being in the moment, with traffic, beaches, and the best years of my life.

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